1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

3. Click, "Internet Options"

4. Click the, "Security" tab.

5. Click the, "Trusted sites" icon.

6. Click the, "Sites" box immediately below the zones.

7. Input your devices IP address into the top box, click, "Add" and then, "Close"

8. Click, "Custom level..."

9. Click the drop down box at the bottom of this window, and change the setting to, "Low"


10. Click, "Reset" and then, "Yes" in the confirmation dialogue.

11. Click on the, "Advanced" tab.

12. Ensure the following are ENABLED:

  • Browsing->Enable third-party browser extensions
  • Security->Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid

13. Click, "Apply" and then, "OK"

14. Reboot your computer, and try to access your system.

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