Advanced Dual HDMI Setup

Step 1. Log in to WebService.

Step 2. Select Set up tab → Display

Step 3. Select HDMI 1 + HDMI 2 → Check screen enable 1 and 2. Note : This will only show as a selection if you have both HDMIs 1 and 2 plugged into 2 monitors

Step 4. Select screen 1 or 2 . This will determine which screen will show features like IVS Rule, POS info etc.

Step 5. Select what you would like displayed on the secondary monitor → Select "OK"

2 HDMI Tour Setup

You can set one of the HDMIs as a dedicated tour.

Step 1. Select Set Up → Select Display.

Step 2. Check Enable → Select Screen.

Step 3. Select a View for split view → Select which channels you want in this view.

Step 4. Select a view for video detect → Select a view for alarm → Click "OK" to save.

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